Отель Palladium — Odessa, Ukraine — Fourchette menu

12-Oct-2013 22:51, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D3S, 18.0, 45.0mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 200

Banquet menu

    menu of dishes for coffee breaks customized:

  1. Canape with cream – cheese and red caviar on toast
  2. Eclairs with salmon mousse
  3. Bruschetta with eel, quail egg and sesame sauce
  4. Crab parfait with flying fish roe on toast
  5. Canape with salted salmon and kumquat
  6. Canape with herring and mashed potatoes on “Borodino” bread
  7. Canapes with smoked salmon and tomato “Cherry»
  8. «Tail of the Dragon” canapes cheese on toast with tiger shrimp and avocado paste
  9. Canape with jamon and figs
  10. Bruschetta with boiled pork
  11. Valovany mousse poultry liver, parmesan cheese and blackberries
  12. Bruschetta with language, gherkins and horseradish sauce
  13. Eclairs with veal liver pate
  14. Canape with “Salami” acute and paste
  15. Valovany with rabbit pate and cheese Tipsy
  16. Canape with cheese “Mozzarella” and sun-dried tomatoes
  17. Bruschetta with salsa
  18. Canapes on skewers:

  19. Canape with tiger shrimp pineapple and cucumber
  20. Canape with herring, boiled potatoes and olives
  21. Envelopes Salmon with “Feta” cheese and avocado
  22. Sharon with smoked chicken
  23. Canape with prunes in bacon
  24. Canapes with smoked meat, cucumber and olives
  25. Cheese “Mozzarella” with tomatoes «Cherry»
  26. Camembert with pineapple and grapes
  27. Mini skewer of marinated vegetables: gherkin, corn, cherry tomatoes, olives
  28. Tartlets:

  29. Tartlets with fish salad “Mediterranean»
  30. Tartlets with salad of shrimp, avocado and pineapple
  31. Tartlets with salad Veal
  32. Tartlets with salad language
  33. Tartlets with roasted vegetables sauteed
  34. Tartlets with mushroom chutney
  35. Tartlet of pastry with chocolate cream and almonds
  36. Cocktail in «Short» glass and miso spoon

  37. Crab parfait with flying fish roe
  38. Jellied fish “Sea of Marmara»
  39. tartare of tuna with avocado
  40. Tiger prawns marinated zucchini
  41. Meatballs in spicy saffron sauce
  42. Asparagus with smoked chicken breast and peanut sauce
  43. crudo of fresh vegetables with cheese sauce
  44. Tiramisu-modern
  45. Strawberry in chocolate
  46. Mango sorbet with strawberry dressing
  47. Eclairs – Assorted with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate cream