Отель Palladium — Odessa, Ukraine — Hamam

24-Oct-2014 14:36, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D3S, 5.0, 14.0mm, 0.077 sec, ISO 640

Turkish bath, or “Hamam”

Turkish bath, or “Hamam”, owes its origin to the Roman terms. The name “Hamam” is derived from the Arabic word “ham” – hot. The interior of the Turkish bath has always been a luxury, for even the prophet Muhammad announced hike in the bath mandatory, saying “Cleanliness – half of faith.” Hammam – In this quiet corner where the pace of life slows down, where you can finally make time for yourself only. After all the problems seem far when nezhishsya on a lounger enjoying peeling, wrap or massage and breathing in the humid air of Turkish steam bath! Turkish bath – improves blood circulation, cleanses the respiratory tract, relieves fullness and helps with insomnia. On purifying effects eastern baths built many modern salon treatment.

Historical types of Oriental baths have their own way of development. Owing to the long occupation by Romans, local baths have adopted traditions of the Roman baths on the occupied territory.
There is nothing surprising in this fine atmosphere – presence of Oriental culture is especially felt. The luxury, calmness and all-absorbing laziness is celebrated here.
A special table for massage is the ergonomically generated table with warmed edge. The surfaces decorated with mosaic emphasize the Oriental atmosphere.
For centuries the art of Turkish bath considered not only hygienic and religious, but also ‘magic’ ritual. This culture passed through generations, is accessible for us today. It is possible to find strictly separated hamams for men and women everywhere in Turkey, where Islam is widespread. The Moslem doctrine has apprehended some Roman traditions, with their magnificent buildings, with plenty of marble, decorations, architectural shapes, with love towards massage, fragrant essences and strengthening steams.
After taking clothes off in a special cabin a visitor, draped in fabric, moves from a cold hall to a warm one. Then he moves to the hot hall, where he relaxes, perspiring in aromatic steams. The next step is the energetic massage of all body with rough mitten, making for toxins withdrawal and renewal of body tissues, toning up muscles and recovering a body.