Отель Palladium — Odessa, Ukraine — Shower Charcot

24-Oct-2014 14:36, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D3S, 5.0, 14.0mm, 0.077 sec, ISO 640

Shower Charcot

Shower Charcot truly unique procedure, it helps to so many diseases that doctors call it a cure-all. Charcot shower is indicated for a number of diseases.

Shower Charcot – indications:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
neurological pain
diseases caused by nerve disorders
lymph system
metabolic disease
diseases of the musculoskeletal system
joint disease
muscle tension
muscle fatigue and muscle pain
vascular disease
problems in the gastrointestinal tract

Shower Charcot actively used for cellulite – for both treatment and prevention. Usually in this case hydro power shower appointed along with other cosmetic procedures: masks, body wraps, etc.

What is important, power shower tightens the skin, making it supple and smooth, gives the tone.